About Carson Sublett

Carson Sublett began his career in the textile industry, then invested decades in the transformation of operational businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, leading organizations in Over-the-Counter, Rx to OTC Switch, Controlled Substances, Parental Drug Product, Biologic Drug Substance, and small molecule Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient manufacturers. He has led under-performing organizations to achieve and succeed sustained levels of performance in both Innovator and Contract Development and Manufacturing sectors. After 14 years in the Human Resources profession, he transitioned his career to leading pharmaceutical operations for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and some of the largest CDMO companies in the industry. He has contributed to life-changing and lifesaving medicines that have positively impacted so many people. He has always had a passion for helping people to learn and grow to achieve their goals, and his acclaimed book — Bosses Are Hired, Leadership Is Earned — helps people do just that. Carson’s book and his “Make a Wake” movement provides a path to share experiences through lessons and leadership philosophies that support a wave of positive leadership development. Carson is a leadership coach, consultant and speaker.