Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned is a book worth talking about by an author who has made a positive wake of change in the organizations where he has led. Hear what others are saying …

“As an Army leader of three decades who has experienced the combat crucible of leadership, I found this to be a fantastic book for anyone who leads the very lifeblood of business: its people!”

Colonel Rob Campbell, United States Army, Retired, Author of It’s Personal, Not Personnel: Leadership Lessons for the Battlefield and the Boardroom

Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned is a heartfelt reminder that great leaders are shaped as much by those they’ve had the privilege to lead as those they’ve been led by. Carson encourages us to take inventory of the experiences and people who have helped us throughout our careers, and reminds us of our obligation to past that gift on to others!”

Chris Herrick, Chief Human Resources Officer, OMEGA Engineering

“Carson’s book confirms what I learned first-hand during our years working together. He is among that rare breed of business leaders with the ability to tell stories that inspire and instruct, told with humanity and humility. Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned is an essential book by an extraordinary leader.”

Darren A. Singer, Group Vice President, higi; Former VP/GM GSK Consumer Healthcare
“Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned provides insights into Carson’s mindset of inclusion and teaches readers how to build teams to overcome Herculean challenges and to overachieve targets. If you’re an aspiring manager, a new leader just starting out, or even a well-tenured executive, you’re bound to find Carson’s lessons on leadership of significant value to you.”
Alex Cooke, Managing Director and Owner, Phase 3 Search, LLC

“I’ve long admired Carson as a leader, always engaging with his staff, learning from others, courageous in ensuring development and progress for the people he leads (as well as sound and considered contribution to the overall business agenda). I’m delighted he has written this book, and I love the storytelling approach, which makes the book easy to read and makes the key learnings easy to remember. This is a must-have book!”

Anton Herbig, Retired Divisional Vice President of Operations, Abbott Laboratories
“I got to know Carson as an excellent leader and great human being during my time as President and CEO of DSM Pharmaceutical Products. I found the stories shared by Carson in his book to be, at the same time, entertaining and insightful. I appreciate his openness to share lessons he’s learned and principles I’ve seen him put into practice.”
Alexander R. Wessels, Executive Officer, Archroma (Switzerland)
“Stories are perhaps the best way to engage an audience — whether that audience is one person or a packed auditorium. Carson uses the art of storytelling to provide insights into what encounters, mentors, and lessons learned along the way can forge a person into an effective leader. Each chapter of this book is a snapshot of those experiences, providing insights into personal growth that we would be wise to consider as make our own journeys from ‘boss’ to ‘leader.’ It is said that a smart man learns from his mistakes but a truly wise man learns from the experiences (good and bad) of others. Carson provides us with that valuable opportunity in this book.”
David B. Amerine, Retired Nuclear Industry Executive, Author of Push It to Move It: Lessons Learned from a Career in Nuclear Project Management
“Carson Sublett has not only hit on core principles of great leadership in this book, but has found the ‘secret sauce’ to sharing them: stories! Stories connect with people in ways that mere facts and information can’t. They help us grasp truths, internalize them, and put them into practice. The combination of solid leadership principles and great life stories makes this one leadership book I don’t want to put down.”
Rev. Phillip Lee, Senior Pastor, Cedar Creek Church
“Carson captures — in a simple, straightforward way — gems of leadership truths distilled from the complexities and subtleties of a highly successful business career. In our world screaming for more and better leadership in business, government, religious and other organizations, he outlines important insights and applications for those actively bettering their own leadership journey.”
Laura L. Parks, PhD, Community Volunteer, Retired Biopharmaceutical Industry Executive
“I have been lucky enough to work with and for Carson for a good portion of the past 10 years. He has been the single biggest influence on my career and in particular the leadership component of it. Put simply, he showed me how to be a true grown-up in the workplace. By that I mean how to lead by example, be accountable, and be respectful, and how good people flourish under good leaders and can transform a business.”
Chris Holt, Site Head and GM of AGC Biologics
“Through interesting stories from his career and profiles of really great people he’s met along the way, Carson’s approach to showing us how to earn our leadership stripes is a really fresh take on the subject matter of leadership. He teaches us that some of the greatest leadership lessons don’t actually come from leaders themselves but rather from those who have been led. If I had a company, I would use Carson’s book to teach our next generation of leaders.”
Chris Clews, Keynote Speaker and Author of the Book Series What ’80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today’s Workplace
“As a young leader in local government, I have experienced the importance of earning respect. I look forward to sharing Carson’s lessons of humility, integrity, and success with colleagues and carrying them throughout my career.”
Spencer Wetmore, City Administrator, City of Folly Beach

“A great book for both leaders and employees! The personal stories are entertaining and relatable, and the lessons learned are thought provoking. A fantastic read for anyone looking for professional and personal growth. Excellent work, Carson!”

Syd Kitson, CEO of the Kitson Group
“I have always lived by the thought that the boss has the title, while a leader has the people. Carson’s stories and ‘lessons learned’ are consistent with that belief. I greatly appreciate Carson sharing his life stories openly so we can all become better leaders.”
Bill Rich, Consultant, Retired VP of Device Technology for Amgen
“Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned is a must-read for any developing or aspiring leaders who are starting their carriers in business, the military, or still at university. The author Carson Sublett knows what he is talking about. I had an opportunity to see him in action as an outstanding leader for over 20 years at GlaxoSmithKline, first as an HR director and then as a manufacturing site VP leading one of our consumer manufacturing facilities. Carson’s story about his first job right out of college as a shift supervisor at a textile mill is a terrific look at a wet-behind-the-ears young man who learns the ropes from an old hand working for him. All of the vignettes are equally powerful. Enjoy and see how leadership is earned.”
Dan Phelan, Former Senior Vice-President, Human Resources, and Chief of Staff
“Carson Sublett’s collection of real-life stories is emblematic of a career spent in thoughtful study and reflection of the very essence of leadership. All budding leaders in industry, education or the non-profit sector would do well to soak up this warm, insightful and instructive collection.”
Higher-Education Leader
“Carson is a great leader and in his superb book, Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned, he shares stories that give insight, inspiration and practical tips on putting his knowledge into practice. It’s a must-read.”
Giles Long, MBE, Triple Paralympic Gold Medalist, and CEO of Lexicon Decoder
“This is not another boring ‘how to be a good boss’ book. The stories Carson shares are real, insightful, and full of lessons you can use to grow in your career. I’ve personally seen Carson lead using these life lessons that he is sharing. This is a book you’ll go back to multiple times, to help you earn good leadership skills.”
Norma Noble, Senior Manager, R&D Project Management, ThermoFisher Scientific
“If you’re a connoisseur of leadership, Carson’s book is a must-read. Through his smooth-flowing stories and lessons learned, Carson has captured the essence of the ‘how’ people earn the recognition of being a real leader. I wholeheartedly identify with Carson’s book title, Bosses Are Hired … Leadership Is Earned, and couldn’t agree more. Great job, Carson!”
Robert “Bo” Brabo, VP of Human Resources, The National Spine & Pain Centers, and Author of From the Battlefield to the White House to the Board Room: Leading Organizations to Values-Based Results